Mitsubishi Used Cars for Sale

Your used Mitsubishi car is with you through all the chaos life throws at you. Explore Mitsubishi drivers have the world at their fingertips. With an expansive model range, used Mitsubishi cars deliver a reliable and diverse range of cars that reach out to every type of driver. Mitsubishi’s used cars give you access to the private history of former Mitsubishi lovers, bringing new life to a mature car. This country runs on Mitsubishi cars so much so that car models have been built tough for Australia’s diverse roads. Experience freedom in a used Mitsubishi car and see why it’s not just ‘tough’, it’s Mitsubishi tough. With Mitsubishi’s classic used cars for sale at DVG to see why Mitsubishi is one of Australia’s top brands.

Mitsubishi Servicing

Book your Mitsubishi in for servicing at DVG for professional, thorough attention. DVG provides every customer with a full range of product and services, geared towards keeping your Mitsubishi performing at its optimal level. With Mitsubishi servicing specialists at all DVG Servicing Centres in Perth, your Mitsubishi is in the best hands.

Mitsubishi Used Car Financing

Drive away today in your Mitsubishi with used car financing. DVG provide qualified and expert financial advice as well as financial guidance and packages to help you choose your used Mitsubishi. Contact DVG today to find out what used car financing is available for Mitsubishi.

Genuine Mitsubishi Parts

DVG has well established relationships with major Mitsubishi parts distributors to ensure genuine Mitsubishi parts are available for repairs when you need them. Contact DVG today to assist you in finding the spare part or accessory you require for your Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi History

The name Mitsubishi translates, roughly, to “three diamonds”, which is based on the founder’s (Yataro Iwasaki) family crest of three oak leaves. When it began in 1870, Mitsubishi mainly dealt with shipping and soon bought into coal-mining to power the ships they made. In 1921 the company soon found itself at a crossroads, having many fingers in many pies, and consequently divided into three separate companies, giving way to the growth of Mitsubishi Motors. Today Mitsubishi is a leading car manufacturer with a number of models to match any driver’s needs.

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