Used Lexus Cars for Sale

Used Lexus cars were originally created to represent the world’s best cars. Built as the luxury vehicle division of the Toyota Motor Company, Lexus cars are now sold all over the world. With increasingly sleek designs, your used Lexus will keep standing out of the crowd. In its pursuit of perfection, Lexus has adopted the latest hybrid trend, becoming the biggest car seller of hybrids. Plus, even while focusing on reducing its impact on the environment, the brand makes sure to produce quality interiors with high quality leather. Used Lexus cars care about you and the planet!

Lexus Servicing

Book your Lexus in for servicing at DVG for professional, thorough attention. DVG provides every customer with a full range of product and services, geared towards keeping your Lexus performing at its optimal level. With Lexus servicing specialists at all DVG Servicing Centres in Perth, your Lexus is in the best hands.

Lexus Used Car Financing

Drive away today in your Lexus with used car financing. DVG provide qualified and expert financial advice as well as financial guidance and packages to help you choose your used Lexus. Contact DVG today to find out what used car financing is available for Lexus.

Genuine Lexus iLoad Parts

DVG has well established relationships with major Lexus parts distributors to ensure genuine Lexus parts are available for repairs when you need them. Contact DVG today to assist you in finding the spare part or accessory you require for your Lexus.

Lexus History

The Lexus brand began in the mid 1980s when Toyota decided to try and compete with American brands in the luxury-cars division. With perfection in mind, it took the first Lexus car, the LS 400, no less than 450 prototypes, 60 designers, 24 engineer teams and plenty of time observing. After all these efforts, the LS 400 was a hit. It carried a unique design, completely different from Toyota’s other cars. Several models followed, such as the ES 250 making Lexus one of the top-selling luxury cars in the US. Since then, it has kept introducing new cars, and is now popular on a global scale. Find out more about the Lexus used cars for sale at DVG.

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