Used Land Rover Cars for Sale

The Land Rover is a car made for dreamers and adventurers. Loved by those who inspire to discover new places, explore the wild, and play with boundaries. Your used Land Rover carries with it the trust that no matter the terrain, you will always be as safe as you can be. Used Land Rovers have proven that guided its driver, these cars can help occupants to master countless off-road areas, and undiscovered territories. Land Rover builds its vehicles to ensure any eventual used cars have all the necessary gears and tech features to transform the ordinary person into an extraordinary explorer. So, come by DVG today and get a used Land Rover to help you achieve the most incredible travels possible.

Land Rover Servicing

Book your Land Rover in for servicing at DVG for professional, thorough attention. DVG provides every customer with a full range of product and services, geared towards keeping your Land Rover performing at its optimal level. With Land Rover servicing specialists at all DVG Servicing Centres in Perth, your Land Rover is in the best hands.

Land Rover Used Car Financing

Drive away today in your Land Rover with used car financing. DVG provide qualified and expert financial advice as well as financial guidance and packages to help you choose your used Land Rover. Contact DVG today to find out what used car financing is available for Land Rover.

Genuine Land Rover iLoad Parts

DVG has well established relationships with major Land Rover parts distributors to ensure genuine Land Rover parts are available for repairs when you need them. Contact DVG today to assist you in finding the spare part or accessory you require for your Land Rover.

Land Rover History

Since its beginning, Land Rover was crafted for adventure. The legend that is the Land Rover was first sketched in the sand on a Welch beach in 1947. Maurice and Spencer Wilks thought about using a Jeep chassis, with a Rover car engine. The first Land Rover made its debut only one year later, in 1948, and was an instant success. It launched the brother Wilks on a global scale, and by the end of the year, they were exporting their cars in over 70 countries. From there, it only got better, bigger, and wilder. From an updated dynamic four-wheel system, to a bigger engine, the Land Rover took off at high speed. The Land Rover is not only a car but a dream of adventures.

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