The All New Honda NSX

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DVG are very proud to be named Honda’s exclusive WA dealer for the All-New Honda NSX!

Part of the privilege of being the exclusive dealer of this amazing supercar is having it in our Burswood Honda showroom for a limited time, so make sure you check out the gallery of photos below.

The All new NSX
At the end of 2007, Honda announced plans to launch a successor to its iconic 3L and from 2002 3.2L V6, RWD, mid engined NSX sports car. Due to poor economic conditions, the prototypes developed at that time never made it to production, but just over 4 years later at the 2012 North American International Auto Show, the Acura NSX Concept was unveiled, and a further 3 years later the production model was displayed at the same show.
Interestingly, although the new NSX shares the same name as its predecessor, Honda defines it as ‘New Sports eXperience’ whereas the original NSX was defined as ‘New Sportscar eXperimental’.

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Like the definition of the name, the new generation NSX is also considerably different to the original. Along with the NSX badge, the new generation still features a mid-mounted V6 petrol engine, although it has grown in capacity to 3.5L and now uses a twin turbo system to deliver a very healthy 373kW @ 6500-7000rpm & 550Nm @ 2000-6000rpm. But that is where the majority of the similarities end, as nestled in the ‘V’ is one of three electric motors which combine for what Honda calls the next generation Sport Hybrid SH-AWD power unit.
This Direct Drive Motor supplements the petrol engine with instant torque response(eliminating any noticable turbo lag), and operates as a generator, maintaining the charge in the cars hybrid batteries which also powers the front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU). This TMU contains two electric motors connected independently to each of the front wheels, and control forward acceleration and continuously varying torque to provide ‘active AWD’. The TMU also provides regenerative braking force, supporting brake demands while also recharging the hybrid batteries.

All of this contributes to an impressive final output of 427kW & 646Nm from the NSX’s Sport Hybrid power unit, which combines with Honda’s equally impressive 9-speed DSG twin-clutch gearbox to rocket the 1776kg coupe to 100km/h in only 2.9 seconds, and all the way to a top speed of 308km/h!


Thankfully, Honda has integrated a selection of preset driving modes which make the NSX as comfortable on a normal road as it is impressive on the race track. From ‘Quiet’ mode where it runs using the electric motors alone, through ‘Sport’, ‘Sport+’ and to ‘Track’where the magnetically controlled suspension is firmest and the response, gearshifts and noise are turned up to the max! There is a driving mode to suit wherever you’re going and however quickly you need to arrive, and all the while the NSX can still claim fuel consumption figures of only 9.7L per 100km.

Inside, the NSX has fantastic visibility and is surprisingly comfortable whilst very much channelling proper sports car. With simple and intuitive controls, it is everything you expect and desire without being over-the-top.

All in all, the New Generation NSX definitely lives up to its name, and while it isn’t cheap at a starting price of $420,000 the technology and performance more than makes up for what might seem like a large expense.

The All New NSX is currently available with a choice of 8 different colour schemes and 4 different interior trims. The rest however, isn’t up for discussion. Unique 19 x 8.5″(F) and 20 x 11″(R) Aluminium alloys fill the guards, with 245/35R19(F) & 305/30R20 tyres combinining with the massive 380mm(F), 360mm(R) Carbon-ceramic ventilated discs, Brembo 6-piston(F) and 4-piston(R) calipers to ensure the reasonably heavy(1778kg) NSX still pulls up quickly and safely.

If you are interested in finding out more about the All New NSX, please enquire today!

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