New Volkswagen Amarok for Sale

Pick substance over style. The Volkswagen Amarok is known as ‘the thinking man’s ute’, built for people who aren’t impressed by over-sized muscles and want something more functional. The Amarok leads where it matters the most, trading in the loud and flashy features for power and comfort. The new Volkswagen Amarok is a clear winner in tough off road conditions, with more thrust that will get you in and out of just about anywhere. Find your next adventure in the new Volkswagen Amarok Ute and take your weekends to the next level.

Model Range

Your new Volkswagen Amarok Ute comes with an anticorrosion coating that gives added protection for longer lasting paint. The Amarok sports various model styles, from single cab to dual cab Ute, with cab chassis version also available. With wheels that range from 16” to 19”, you can customise your new Amarok to fit your exact needs.

With highly personalised features, the Volkswagen Amarok has options to suit any requirement, no matter how big or small the work.  Specialised seating that allows height-adjustment and lumbar support for a more comfortable driving experience. The cockpit in your new Volkswagen is also set up to be ergonomically correct, with a multifunction steering wheel to give you the control you need.

Thanks to the rear mechanical differential lock, the new Volkswagen Amarok has total power distribution between front and rear wheels for optimum traction over unstable territory. Take your driving to the next level with hill-climbing ability, mastering hills at a 45° incline, and charge through water at depths of 500mm.

As a standard across all model variations, the Volkswagen Amarok maintains a 5-Star ANCAP Rating thanks to airbags that protect the driver and passengers in an emergency. Model variations also include safety technology, like Anti-Lock Braking System and the Anti-slip Regulation to help you maintain control of the Amarok when you need it most.

No Volkswagen Amarok is complete with a few toys to help kit it out. With a sports bars and side steps, you can take your new Volkswagen Amarok from good to great. Add some heavy duty floor mats and protect your Ute from everyday wear and tear. Go a little crazy and opt for a canopy to add a security feature and up the looks of your Ute.

Features & Specs

Volkswagen Amarok New Cars For Sale

Safety & Awards

5-star ANCAP rating


  • 2015 4×4 Australia’s Best in Class
  • 2014 Delivery Magazine Ute of the Year
  • 2012 4×4 Australia’s Ute of the Year second year running

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