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New possibilities open up to the driver of the new Hyundai i40, because with a new German style comes new landscapes, new roads and a new future. Your Hyundai i40 takes you further with the Australia-tuned comfort and reliability, tested across thousands of kilometres of urban, country and harsh outback roads. Whether you have the family with you, or your mates and some camping gear, the new Hyundai i40 won’t disappoint you with its roomy interior, stylish exterior, or versatility. Customise your i40 with an accessories like roof racks, a cargo liner or any number of other accessories available, to fit your lifestyle needs. The new Hyundai i40 is for sale today, ready for you to see what new possibilities lay ahead.

Solar control glass on the new Hyundai i40 gives you privacy, reduces and moderates internal temperature, making your trips more enjoyable. The wraparound LED rear lamps are energy savers and safer as they fire up faster than any conventional lamps, alerting other drivers sooner of your movements.

The 60:40 split of the rear seats makes easy use by passengers, with enough space for legs, shoulders and heads, not to mention the smartly designed cargo area. The new Hyundai i40 also offers heated front seats for those cold days and a ventilation system allowing gentle stream of cool air around passengers and the driver.

The new Hyundai i40 boasts fuel economy like no other, starting with a CO2 Emissions (g/km) of 134. Combine this with the powerful 6-speed automatic transmission for a smooth driving experience and quiet gear transition. The technology backing the new Hyundai i40 will leave you in awe of your new driving capabilities, especially with the Motor Driven Power Steering rack and pinion – a power lynch pin that keeps you in touch with your new beast.

Short of having a bouncy castle installed in the new Hyundai i40, the car is well equipped with 9 airbags that span the entire interior, giving it an easy 5-Star ANCAP Rating. To add to this impressive feat, the i40 also boasts an Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution to prevent brakes from locking up and adjusts the braking pressure on front and rear wheels in an effort to reduce braking distances. No car is finished without the reversing camera that assists drivers into a tight spot, or even just makes sure the coast is clear to back out.

Take on new possibilities with the new Hyundai i40’s accessories like the cargo liner for messy gear and an iPad Holder you can enjoy calm and quiet kids during the drive. Stretch your legs out in your i40 with more room when you add roof racks for the bike, surfboard or snowboard.

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