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The new Fiat 500 stays an icon while consistently improving on all fronts. This Italian car offers 13 colours to choose from. There are plenty of items to personalise your new Fiat 500. You can show the world what you’re made of! Enjoy the interior luxury with a brand new 5-inch touchscreen. Feel on top of your game controlling a smooth leather steering wheel. Gridlock’s got nothing on the new Fiat 500, as you wind through traffic avoiding rush hour. Revel in the agile handling of the compact new Fiat 500 through DVG. 

Model Range

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The new Fiat 500 brings with it a dose of personality and personalisation. Take your pick from the 13 different available colours, and the red light clusters to match. But even with its fun side, it’s not all laughing matters, as this 3-door European styled car is built to last. With its 15-inch alloy wheels in glossy silver, the new Fiat 500 will take you wherever your heart desires.

Even though the new Fiat 500 is perfectly compact for sneaking through traffic, the interior still offers space and luxury. Boasting a brand new dashboard with a 5-inch touch screen, including a digital radio, Bluetooth – and for the Lounge version, rear parking sensors and a navigation system – be ready to feel like a million dollars! The new leather steering wheel with audio control makes your car handling even smoother. You won’t want to stop driving it! So, stay on top of the Fiat trends with a new Fiat 500 interior, and savor your commute every day!

Following the Italian spirit – cool but feisty. Good on fuel at 6.2L/100km (Pop) or 7.7L/100km (Lounge) for urban cycle, and 4.9L/100km (Pop) or 6.1L/100km (Lounge) for combined cycle, it is the perfect car to drive around town. And if you like driving, but care about the environment, the Fiat 500’s CO2 emission is only 115g/km (Pop Manual) /111g/km (Pop Dualogic) or 140g/km (Lounge Manual) / 135g/km (Lounge Dualogic). So you can enjoy driving all day, without worrying of your impact on the planet.

While the performance allows you to drive your new Fiat 500 all day, Fiat does not tread lightly on safety. The seven airbags standard including front, side, and knee, will ensure your peace of mind every time you drive. And even more than airbags, the new Fiat 500 also comes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), so you can control your brakes better via Electronic Stability Control and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. The Fiat 500 doesn’t skimp on safety. So, wherever you wish to go, you can be sure that your new Fiat 500 will take you there safely.

Be ready to have fun with your new Fiat 500! Splurge on plenty of accessories to personalise your car, from body stickers to key covers, side badges, make-up holders, and rims. There is no other cars capable of letting you show off your personality quite like the new Fiat 500. So, whether you choose red seat covers or a blue key cover, your style will truly make your car your own. Make sure to contact your nearest DVG dealership to know what else there is in store.  

Features & Specs

Fiat 500 New Cars For Sale

Safety & Awards

5-star ANCAP rating – Pop 3 door hatch with ESC & ESC variants

(NB: Electronic stability control or ESC is not available on the 1.2L Pop but is standard for other variants.)


  • 2016: Must Test Drive Award
  • 2016: Autotrader 2016
  • 2016: City Car of the Year
  • 2015: Next Green Car Awards
  • 2015:  City Car Award
  • 2013: SAMA Best Small Convertible of the Year
  • 2013: MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award
  • 2012: Travel + Leisure Design Award for Best Car
  • 2011: Gear of the Year Award
  • 2008: European Car of the Year
  • 2008: Best Small Diesel Car

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