New Fiat Cars for Sale

Fast, compact and reliable are all the rage at Fiat’s headquarters. The all new Fiat cars for sale are surprisingly roomy, with space to put your chair back and fiat up. Fiat drivers know how important it is to get to where they are going in style and without much fuss. They believe in living life on the edge, because living any other way takes up too much room.

Fiat Servicing

Book your Fiat in for servicing at DVG for professional, thorough attention. DVG provides every customer with a full range of product and services, geared towards keeping your Fiat performing at its optimal level. With Fiat servicing specialists at all DVG Servicing Centres in Perth, your Fiat is in the best hands.

Genuine Fiat Parts

DVG has well established relationships with major Fiat parts distributors to ensure genuine Fiat parts are available for repairs when you need them. Contact DVG today to assist you in finding the spare part or accessory you require for your Fiat.

Fiat New Car Financing

Drive away today in your Fiat with new car financing. DVG provide qualified and expert financial advice as well as financial guidance and packages to help you choose your new Fiat. Contact DVG today to find out what new car financing is available for Fiat.

Fiat New Car Warranty

When you buy a Fiat, a new car warranty is part of the package. DVG offers extended warranties for Fiat vehicles.

Fiat History

This Italian car manufacturer was founded in 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli, the Mayor of Villar Perosa, who utilised his engineering and entrepreneurial skills to manufacture Fiat cars. Fiat cars were created for the people of Italy, matching their needs for a compact vehicle that allows them to move around the small roads without hesitation. Fiat has conquered the race world, winning the Bathurst 12 Hour in 2014 in the shortest cars on the track, the Fiat Abarth 500. This Italian car manufacturing giant is today in charge of the Chrylser, Dodge, Jeep enterprise, leading the way in innovative manufacturing.

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