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Travel in peace with your reliable car!

As we welcome summer in Australia, it means the festive season is about to start! From Santa’s sleigh bells to great BBQs – we are preparing for the upcoming holidays. It is the perfect time to get away for a well-deserved break. But before enjoying paradise, make sure you get the most reliable cars possible! Undertake a tune-up, prior to hitting the road in this heat. Start by checking on a few things, and booking a service – so your car can safely and comfortably take you where you need to be!

A reliable cooling system for a reliable car!

Most reliable cars offer cooling systems that are cool, collected & work!


1. The Radiator

For the most reliable cars, start by checking the core of your radiator. In areas where conditions are more salty, the core of the radiator can be badly affected. And even if it is not leaking at the moment, there is a good chance that it will be leaking soon – making such vehicles not the most reliable cars, with a chance of overheating. When your engine is unable to cool off, bigger problems can arise. Blowing a head gasket or forming a crack in the cylinder head can make your engine literally melt. So if you are not ready to buy a new car yet, then spend the money needed for a service, to save big later down the road. Save money, by keeping an eye on this, and put it towards upgrading to your next car!

2. The Belts, Hoses & Cooling fans

To make sure your car keeps going the distance – before starting your road trip, give the belts and hoses a little attention. Squeeze the hoses and look for small cracks in the rubber. Make sure they are tight and that the belts have the proper amount of tension. Of course, this does not work if your cooling fan is electric. For those lucky enough to own a 2016 or a 2015 vehicle, that does not mean you need to get slack on care and attention – especially if the car overheats in traffic, or if the AC won’t turn off at all! Those are signs that you may want to get your car checked out, especially if it’s still under warranty!

And if you don’t really know what to do, make sure to bring your car to the right DVG Dealership. Your local service site can give your car the once over, and provide all the tips you need to watch out for! Raise any issues that you’ve noticed. No question is stupid! It’s always better to be safe than sorry with your vehicle. Ask a DVG service centre for advice today!

A reliable car conquers everything, even traffic!

3. Coolant & Thermostat

For those that live up in the hills, where it got pretty icy over Winter – or in locations further out like Bluff Knoll, where snow was apparently encountered for the first time in a long while in WA this year – it’s important to note the following. While it is hot rather than freezing outside, antifreeze in your radiator has a higher boiling point than water, so make sure to change it every 96,000kms to 170,000kms for the most reliable car drive, if you have an older car. For the rest of us, coolant should be changed regularly. This is because additives can age and deteriorate over time, reducing its effectiveness.

Likewise, the wrong coolant can damage your engine, and not all coolants are compatible with others – so DIY coolant top-ups are not recommended. Mixing different coolants can alter the chemical balance in the cooling system impacting performance, so mixing is not advised. That’s why it’s important to have your car dealer service your vehicle, as they have the genuine products required for each manufacturer that meets the Australian standards. Another thing to watch is your thermostat, if your car is an oldie (but goodie). So if you have a 2015 vehicle, you shouldn’t have much to worry about there! However for those vehicles where the mileage is getting high, then it may be time to consider an upgrading your car, before it falls apart.

Care for your car & pay attention to what is happening on the road!


1. Remove the distractions

There are so many possible distractions while you are on your way to your summer holidays. Unexpected summer storms can make the road slippery and dangerous. Whereas the sun can cast a glare on the road, which can be blinding if you don’t have the right tint. Make sure to check your tyre tread (and spare), slow down in rain or glare, and consider getting tinting to keep the summer sun out, if sun glasses don’t suffice. If your tyres are looking worn, approach your dealer for a quote and wheel balance. Unfortunately, those are far from being the only distractions – but if you have to stop quickly, new tyres and a brake check will give you a better chance.

One distraction you may not have considered are summer allergies. With runny eyes, frequent sneezing, and exhaustion from the lack of sleep, even the most reliable cars can not avoid basic human error – even with all the added safety measures most new vehicles offer. Spring allergies are hanging on, after a longer than usual wet season in Perth. So head to the pharmacy, put the mobile phone on silent, and stay focused on the road these holidays (rather than the kids in the back seat). Speed and drink driving are not the only factors that you need to keep in mind, as the double demerit holiday season comes closer.

2. Be kind to yourself & others

Unfortunately, during the festive holidays, the roads are far from empty. Everyone is up to something and driving somewhere. Whether it is to spend time with family, or to try and stay as far away from the in-laws! So make sure you stay aware of your environment, including roadworks and motorcycles. Also, increase your following distance to four seconds or more, when driving behind other road users. And if you are going on a long road trip, do not be a danger to yourself and others. Even a car with the best automobile safety ratings, or the one with the best automobile reliability ratings cannot protect you from yourself. Fatigue can be deadly. So, if you feel tired, pull up to the nearest rest area! Take a walk or a small nap – but make sure to give yourself a good break.

3. Treat your car with kindness too

Lastly, before finally hitting the road, DVG recommends that you to check how much you have packed. Your car will take care of you, but you need to take care of your car! Check your owner’s manual. It should have information about the maximum weight of all cargo, and the amount of passengers your car can carry. This is particularly important, if you’ve lowered your vehicle, made modifications, or have gone all out with wheels and hub caps – as this can alter things further. If not respected, it may affect your car’s handling ability, as well as making it less fuel-efficient.

And if you are lacking space, maybe it is time to consider investing in a bigger car? Go for the most reliable cars, which will allow for a safe drive, with the entire family. DVG is here to help you find the best SUV or vehicle for you! Whether you want it new, or prefer the charm of older models – try DVG first!

A reliable car will take you where you and your family needs to be this Christmas!

Enjoy this Christmas and New Years! Make it to your holiday destination safely, and keep in mind all these Car News tips from DVG. And if you need advice about your car – talk to DVG! Else, if you want to consider a trade-in (if problems are looking expensive) – then make sure to visit your local DVG dealership! Whether you’re near Burswood or Wanneroo – where ever you are in WA – know DVG’s friendly staff are there for you!

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