How to Wash your Car in a Hurry

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This is going to be short and sweet because if you need to wash your car in a hurry, you probably don’t have time to read through pages of instructions.

NOTE: This is not how you should wash your car every time. Set aside a Saturday to do it properly once in a while. But for argument’s sake, these instructions are fine if you need to clean your car in a rush and you aren’t fussy about having it perfect.

1.     How to wash your car: 2mins

You need the below items. This should take you a maximum of 2 minutes to gather.

  1. A friend or family member (or 3)
  2. Sponges
  3. High pressure hose (not necessary, but nice)Car window
  4. Regular hose
  5. Newspaper (16 sheets: 2 for each car window and 4 for read and front windshield)
  6. Vinegar and water solution (1:1 or guestimate)
  7. Water
  8. Car washing fluid
  9. Bucket/s
  10. Water blade (paint friendly)
  11. Microfiber drying towel
  12. Old rag

2.     How to wash your car: 30seconds

Hose your car down with water (not with the high pressure hose). Also put the washing liquid and water into your bucket.

3.     How to wash your car: 5mins 30seconds

Get the sponges into the bucket and get cracking on washing the car. Start from the top and move down. Do the wheels with the sponges – but make sure they are the last things you clean. Move fast, limiting yourself to 30seconds per section: doors, bonnet, boot, wheels, windows and roof. This is the clincher.

4.     How to wash your car: 1min

Once the car is scrubbed, grab the regular hose and rinse off the suds. The pressure should be med-high and make sure you start from the top and go down.

5.     How to wash your car: 1min (OPTIONAL)

If you have a high pressure hose, connect it now and hit the tyres. Be sure you don’t spray any paint with the high pressure hose because it can potentially strip it.

6.     How to wash your car: 5min

Nearly there! Get your paint-friendly water blade (squeegee) and, again, work from the top down. Fling that water off your car as quickly as you can. Allocate 30seconds per section – roof, bonnet, boot, doors. Grab your old rag and quickly wipe the wheels, avoiding getting your hands dirty. Now it’s time to run around the car with the microfiber towel and dry any missed bits, this should take no more than a minute. Or save a minute and skip it.

7.     How to wash your car: 3min

Grab your 1:1 vinegar and water solution (bucket or spray bottle is fine). Wet (don’t saturate) your newspaper in the solution and start de-streaking the windows in circular motions. 15 seconds per door window should be good enough and 1 minute for the front and rear windshields should suffice (including walking around the car to reach the other side).


You’re all done! It’s like a workout and a bath all in one. Now, the next time you wash your car it will need more love and attention, so be sure to allow more time and resources. See this bog post about how to detail your car to make it like new again.

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