How to Polish a Car in 4 Easy Steps

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Summer is here, making it a great time to clean your car! No more rain spots on your windshield, the birds aren’t stuck in the tree for mating season and leaving droppings on the bonnet. You can finally wash down the old girl without the fear of her getting dirty two minutes later. You’ve taken your car down to your local carwash in the past and it’s come up okay, but it just doesn’t have the same glow it had when you bought it. You don’t need to be an expert in detailing to know how to polish a car and get it sparkling in the sun again. These car polishing tips and tricks will restore your car to its former glory.

Step 1 of Car Polishing: Wash the car

Whether you prefer to do this at a carwash or by yourself in the driveway, it’s important to make sure all bird droppings, sap spots and dirt is removed. Go over the body with a clean sponge. If you are at a carwash, make sure your wash includes a spot-free rinse, which will limit the number of water spots if you decide to air dry the car.

Window cleaning tip: use newspaper like a sponge with a solution of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio)

Step 2 of Car Polishing: Dry the car

If you are drying the car by hand, pick a shady spot to do it so that the water doesn’t dry in the sun and leave white spots on the windows. Dry these with newspaper, as this is cheap and does a better job than any towel or chamois. Save your chamois for the body and make sure every drop of water is wiped away.

Car polishing tip: It’s recommended you polish your car once a year and wax it every 3-6 months

Step 3 of Car Polishing: Apply the polish

Place the polish on a foam applicator pad sparingly and apply it to the car in overlapping, circular strokes. Work the polish into the car, taking care not to let polish to fall into the gaps and cracks around windows, doors and grill. It can be a pain to remove. Once again, make sure you do this in the shade so the polish doesn’t dry on the car.

Difference between polish and wax: polish removes scratches from paint, while wax protects your car with a clear hard coating

Step 4 of Car Polishing: Remove Polish

Buff off the layer of polish using a clean, dry towel taking care not to miss any patches, particularly on the roof where it can be easy to overlook areas.

Follow up your car polish with a wax to keep it protected from day-to-day wear and tear.

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