How to Buy a Used Car Through a Dealer

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Deciding to buy a car is a big task that takes a lot of time and consideration – even more so when you buy a used car. Used cars have a history of previous drivers, services and even possibly previous accidents, so it’s important to trust the dealer you buy your used car from to sell you something that is reliable and safe. To help you along your new-used car journey, these are the top considerations to make as you go through the process of car shopping.

1. Research

Once you’ve pick out a car, look at various websites and car yards to see the current market price for your desired make and model. Look at the age, kilometers, price, service history and damage. When you buy a car through a dealer, it’s important to:

Get a good idea of what’s included in the price, for instance: first service, spare keys, dealer extended warranties and so on. Be sure to check what the terms and conditions of each dealer are, as some may lock you in to having your car serviced with them until the warranty expires. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but it may result in a null and void warranty if you are to service your vehicle elsewhere, so it’s important to know where you stand.

2. Talk with the dealer

You might be considering whether or not to buy your car privately, but when it comes to buying used cars sometimes it’s easier and safer through a dealer. All dealers in WA must have a license issued by the Department of Commerce. This involves taking a course and undergoing background checks to ensure they are fit to carry out the role to a high ethical standard. All of this is to ensure you have a pleasant experience buying a car.

You can ask the dealer as many questions as you need to gather your research. While you should always inspect a car yourself to ensure it is up to your standards, the dealer should be able to help you through the process if you’re unsure. Also check with the dealer how old the car is, when it was last serviced, and any other history they know of.

3. Test drive

The best way of ensuring you are getting exactly what you need from a car is to test drive it. However, this involves more than taking it for a spin.

You should use this opportunity to firstly check the car for any issues. Check that the tyres are up to standard, look under the car for fluid leaks, open and close the doors, listen for any odd sounds when the engine is running, check for rust and make sure all the lights are working before you even think about getting on the road.

If all of that is in order and you decide to give driving a go, try a number of basic maneuvers like U-turns and parking to test out blind spots. Make sure the transmission shifts smoothly, the pedals feel relaxed and try to drive at high and low speeds on different types of roads to makes sure the vehicle is fully functional in different settings.

When you buy used cars, you can often find a great deal, but it is important to make sure you stay safe by taking it for a test drive.

Call or contact DVG to talk to book a test drive today!

4. Insure the car

In Western Australia, compulsory third party insurance that comes with your registration will cover you for personal injury against another person if you are found at fault, but not damage to your vehicle or others.  Many insurance companies let you pay in advance for cover and select a starting date for your car insurance to begin. Make sure you are covered for everything you need and protect yourself in case of any unwanted strife.


Head to a DVG dealership today to see what you can get out of buying a car.

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