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HID headlamps are becoming increasingly popular as original equipment on new cars.

What are they?

  • Gas discharge lamps that produces light by means of an electric arc between two electrodes housed inside a transparent quartz envelope.
  • They are Eelectrically more efficient and have a higher light output compared to conventional incandescent lights because a greater proportion of their radiation is in visible light as opposed to heat.

The light they emit may appear to have a blue tinge, particularly around the peripheries of the beam, but it is actually whiter than that produced by a standard halogen lamp.

Australian standards

  • Due to their higher light output, HID lamps must comply with a specific set of Australian Design Rules. 
  • These include specifics around light colour, proportions of specified light wavelengths (including blue wavelengths) and ultra violet (UV) emissions.
  • Self-levelling systems and headlight washers are required to off-set the increased risk of dazzling other drivers. 

Vehicle manufacturers sometimes refer to HID lamps as Xenon or Bi-Xenon lamps, but these should not be confused with conventional incandescent bulbs that use xenon gas in their glass envelope.


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