So you know the car you want, but don’t have the money right now to buy it. Well, DVG Finance can solve your problems today!

The DVG Automotive Group has professional business managers at all DVG Locations qualified to give you expert financial advice, guidance and packages to assist with finding the car you’ve always wanted.

(All DVG Business managers are certified FSRA compliant.)

DVG’s well established and secure business relationships with large automotive financiers across Australia. This enables DVG business managers the flexibility to tailor finance packages around just about any persons needs and budget.

Simply contact one of our business finance managers from any DVG Location – The application process is simple and approval can even be within an hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘term of a loan’ is the length of time of the finance contract you take on to enable you to buy a car. EG 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

‘Trade Value’ is the trade-in car value on todays market, as agreed by the dealer. Commonly, its the value you receive by the dealer for your current vehicle your driving, and put towards reducing the price of the new car you wish to buy.

‘Deposit’ This can be cash or trade in order to hold and or reduce the amount of finance required to settle a deal on a car purchase.

‘Total amount payable’ is the amount of finance you require including the interest you have to pay over the term of the loan. This is set out in the schedule by the repayments.

‘Repayment Options’ are the way in which you choose to make repayments towards paying off the loan. DVG can assist you to structure these to suit your needs and situation. (Eg Farmers income structure’s require seasonal payments in which we can arrange) Other types include Fortnightly, Monthly, quarterly, yearly, seasonally, deferred and irregularity.

An accredited dealer is a new and/or used motor vehicle dealer who is authorised by a finance company to provide their customers with finance products. This makes them a convenient one-stop facility for your new or used car needs. DVG are finance accredited dealers.

The only additional costs will be Government charges and stamp duties which vary between States and Territories, and a charge may be made if you pay out a loan contract early. Other costs such as licensing and insurance of the car are generally not included in the loan calculation.

The finance company will lend up to the full amount to the motor vehicle being purchased, although in certain circumstances the customer may be required to contribute some deposit to the purchase. The finance company may also finance the cost of loan insurance, extended manufacturers warranty and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. DVG business managers can ensure this is an easy process for you.

Usually the motor vehicle being financed is sufficient security.

We will require details of your income, your regular monthly commitments and a statement of your assets and liabilities in order to assess your application.