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Ethanol Fuel – Can I use it – yes or no?

There has been a lot of conjecture over the introduction of Ethanol Fuel into the motoring world. The question has always been since its introduction – can I use it with my car?
The short answer is yes & no !

Toyota now label their new cars inside the fuel filler cap to let you know if your car is compatible with Ethanol fuel. If you see this label above, then you can use Ethanol fuel as long as the content does not exceed 10% (hence E10).

The vast majority of post 1992 petrol powered Toyota vehicles are compatible with Ethanol fuel but there are some pre 1992 cars that are not compatible. If you are not sure & would like to discuss your vehicle compatibility to Ethanol fuel, please contact Prosser Toyota Service Manager Adam Chambers on 9492 1388.

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