DVG Motoring Tip – Useful tools every car owner should have!

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There’s always a chance something could go wrong when you’re on the road – it’s good to be prepared. Having a few basic tools in your car can save you a lot of trouble.


Here are some useful items all drivers should keep in their cars:

First aid kit

When you or someone you care about gets injured, a basic first aid kit becomes the single most important thing you own. And what good is a first aid kit that’s sitting at home when you’re not at home?


If you need to fix something in the dark, or in a garage, or you need to poke around the engine of a used car you might be buying, being able to see what you’re dealing with is invaluable.

Jumper cables

A dead battery is frustrating, whatever the cause. Such a simple piece of equipment, and yet its failure can completely disable a car.

Even if the battery itself can no longer hold a charge, a set of jumper cables can get you back on the road and to the nearest parts shop.

Small fire extinguisher

If you’re in an accident (or even if you’re not) and there’s a small fire, a fire extinguisher can stop something that could turn into a true disaster.

Tyre gauge

Keeping tabs on the pressure in your tyres can prevent underinflation-related blow-outs from happening in the first place, as well as maximising your fuel mileage and the life of the tyres’ tread.

Pay special attention to tyre pressure around the changes in seasons.

Duct tape

Duct tape can fix a myriad of problems.

From damaged body work after a fender bender to temporary emergency fixes on hoses and other parts, duct tape can patch your car back together long enough to limp it to a repair shop and keep you from being stranded, or paying for a tow truck.

Be sure to get quality tape, as the more expensive stuff sticks better and in a wider range of temperatures and situations.

Socket & screwdriver set

Even on the most modern cars, sometimes things come loose, whether from vibration, age, or other reasons.

Often, a simple tightening of whatever’s loose will solve the problem. This can be especially helpful with a loose battery terminal connection, a slipped hose clamp, or other simple and obvious problems under the hood.

Even if you aren’t an automotive whiz, popping the hood and looking for obvious problems like these is easy – just put eyes on the major systems and scan for loose or disconnected sections.

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