DVG Motoring Tip – DIY Brakes & Tyres Maintenance

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Brakes and Tyres Maintenance


DIY Maintenance – What you can do to make sure your car is safe and extend the life of some of it’s integral parts!

The most important part of your car in terms of safety is it’s ability to slow you down to a stop effectively. Having your brakes working well to slow you down plus tyres which grip the road well are the two biggest factors when it comes to doing this, and thankfully, it’s simple enough for you to check the condition of these parts yourself in between services!

Inspect your tyres. 

Tread depth and tyre wear and condition have major effects on your vehicle’s stopping distances, and how well you stay on the road. Tyres do not always wear evenly, so check the whole tread – not just the inside edges. Also, get to know your tyre pressures – it’s often on the inside pillar on the driver’s side door – and check it regularly. Most service stations have free air pumps; if you fill your tyres when you fill your gas tank, both will last longer.

 Check your brakes. 

Does your car stop as well as it should? If your brakes wheeze, squeal or groan, instead of bite, you may need to get them checked. Brake pads convert the moving force of the whole vehicle into heat; it’s a tough and essential job, and they wear out. Replacing worn brake pads is much cheaper than replacing brake pads along with brake drums and rotors – which is what happens if you neglect them.

 If you are concerned about the condition of your tyres or brakes, please click through to our Servicing page to book a time to have them inspected!


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