Car News: Weekend Get Away? Off-road Car Rating!

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Some roads are only for cars with the highest ratings in offroad capabilities

Do you want to drive on the beach, in the outback, or on rocky terrains in the hills for the next long weekend? If so, you will need a car with great off-road capabilities. DVG has gone through all car ratings and cars comparisons, to bring you the best of off-road vehicle suggestions, for your summer of 2017. From touring range, to reliability and load-carrying capacity, these five cars have it all. So, pick one of the cars below, and go enjoy what the Australian wilderness has to offer.

No better car ratings than for the Toyota Land Cruiser

First on Car News’ list, and the car with the highest car ratings, is the Toyota Land Cruiser. When doing car comparisons, this car has everything you need, for an off-road expedition. It is tough, having separate chassis, plus live axles front and rear. And, you will also find effective lead springs at the rear, for fantastic off-road driving. Plus, with its body isolation from noises and vibrations, you will still be able to enjoy the scenery around. It’s also got top marks when it comes to car reliability ratings. So, visit your local DVG dealership today. And be ready to go wild, when taking a look at your new Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Jeep Wrangler’s got car ratings going through the roof!

Having one of the best vehicle ratings, when it comes to off-road SUV, the Jeep Wrangler has a lot going for it. With its compact size, it’s perfect for driving on tight trails. It also offers great off-road tyres, six speed transmission, and a high torque inline six engine. It’s no wonder why it is on top of the list of SUV ratings Australia wide. Plus, while built for adventure, it also takes into consideration its passenger’s comfort. It includes air conditioning, radio, and other features to make sure you have everything you need for travel. And if you want more information on the new or used Jeep models, DVG is here to help!

Get ready for a long weekend on the beach with some of the highest car ratings offroad cars!

Looking for excellent off-road vehicle ratings? Here is the Subaru Forester!

If you are looking for power, look no further than the Subaru Forester. Its powertrains are known for offering exceptional traction, no matter the weather. And, being one of the most robust cars out there, it is no wonder it got such high car reliability ratings. You are always in control behind the wheel of your Subaru Forester. Thanks to its six-speed manual transmission, and an all-wheel drive system, you will have no problem controlling your Subaru Forester. So, trust the car ratings, and go for a used Subaru Forester when looking for a great cost-effective off-road vehicle!

Ford Ranger for car safety ratings and load-carrying capacities

For those who want to go on a family adventure, the Ford Ranger is the perfect car. It combines safety and load-carrying capacities, to make sure the whole family has everything it needs. Built on a separate chassis, with a live axle rear-end and load capacity ranges from 1000-1400 kg, you will have enough space for all of your camping gear. Plus, you can tow! With a big engine and the six-speed manual, or six-speed automatic transmission, there is no stopping for the Ford Ranger. So, come and get your used Ford Ranger at your local DVG dealership today. Get ready for the next affordable adventure!

Not for the weak, the Nissan Patrol will take you wherever you want to go!

The Nissan Patrol may have a simple design, but it focuses on being tough and has everything you need for your off-road travels. With a box-section separate chassis, live axles front and rear plus coil springs all-round, your new Nissan Patrol will never let you down. And boasting an engine with a track record for remote travelling, you will never be let down by your new or used Nissan Patrol. It banks on simplicity and reliability, to make it one of the top markers, when it comes to car reliability ratings. So, if you are ready to be in amongst the landscape, and enjoy a gutsy car – get this high car ratings automobile, and trust it to take you through untouched nature.

No matter where you want to go, your offroad car will not let you down!

This year, be ready to take on the Australian outback with your new off-road car! After looking at car ratings and cars comparisons, DVG’s got the best cars to ensure you never get let down, in the middle of your adventures. Get away every weekend! Not just on the long ones with great off-road new and used vehicles from DVG.

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