Car News: The Ultimate Valentines Gift – Give your love one of the Best Cars

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Spoil your date with one of the best cars from DVG!

Time for a bit of romance! Remember, Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14th. Regardless of your budget, it’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect gift. Car News is here to help give you a gift idea that you may not have considered – a car! It’s practical and long lasting. So, be impulsive, and consider purchasing that second family run-about for your partner. They’ll love you forever, and a vehicle can be handy for everyone. Make an impression, and get everyone talking, by buying your love one of the best cars from DVG. Whether a new or used car, your loved one is sure to be wowed, and you may get to benefit in various ways too!

Go big or go home with the ultimate Valentines’ gift – the best car you can find!

The perfect fit

Car lovers or not, a new car for Valentine’s Day is sure to be an unforgettable moment for your significant other. But make sure you buy a car to fit your partner. If they work in the city, and enjoy easy driving, the best small car will make their heart jump for joy. If they’re an adrenaline seeker, ready to take on the world, DVG’s got used and new Jeep – or other off-road vehicles you can search through, so you can go on adventures together. The key is to match their personality, with the car you’re considering, and they’re sure to see it as one of the best cars in the world, despite the price tag. There are so many bargains to have in the current market. The perfect people mover or wagon to run about the kids, may be within your range at last, and closer than you think! Worst case scenario – announce they can go on a shopping spree, come Valentine’s Day, and involve them in the choice of car through DVG. Or, decide together, as a gift for you both!

Bank on romance

Thinking about getting your significant other a car to show your love? Why not make sure that new car screams romance? Maybe a sexy convertible you can both enjoy on the weekends, or an attractive coupe? Aside from sunroofs, there are many new innovations from funky video screens, or cool cars with voice command options that provide audio control. So, set the scene, and get some Michael Buble on – ask and you shall receive. Park to view the city lights, recline those electric seats, and pop that glass of champagne while looking at the stars. Think of adding in those extra accessories to make the night extra special, before you hand over the keys to their new ride. Whether wrapped in a bow out the front, or setting the scene with a surprise, by collecting them in their new vehicle – you’ll be the best for some time, by getting them the best car – their ultimate Valentines gift!

Want to impress on Valentines' day? What about getting your date one of the best cars out there? Big impact guaranteed!

How to make the perfect choice between the best cars from DVG?

Look at the ratings

Once you know the type of car your significant other wants, whether it is the best small car under $20K, or the best luxury car over $100K, it’s time to make a choice. To ensure you make the ultimate decision possible, start by checking the safety ratings. The ANCAP ratings are a good way to eliminate a few options. Next, look at the reliability and durability. Make sure your significant other’s next car will take them wherever they need to be, without any problems. If you are not sure, there are plenty of car reviews to help you make a decision, or see the most viewed cars via DVG.

Efficiency is key

Your Valentine may love the new car you’re getting them, but if it has a low fuel efficiency, it may be expensive for them in the long run. So, make sure the car’s efficiency fits with their budget. Take into consideration, if they have lengthy commutes, or if they like to drive a lot on weekends. Guarantee your Valentine keeps loving you, and their car, for a long time to come – by choosing a fuel efficient option that’s affordable to upkeep (including maintenance to insurance aspects). The most fuel efficient cars usually make the happiest owners! Keep in mind the ongoing costs involved, and select an option that will minimise these.

Style and features

If your partner is looking for the best luxury car out there, they’ll without a doubt expect innovative features, that make the most of the latest technological advancements. Whether it is a new car with satellite navigation built-in, wireless charging facilities, or reverse parking cameras, the best luxury cars have plenty up their seats (like climate control upholstery)! Plus, aside from features, think about your partner’s style. They will probably want a specific look, or their favourite colour. Consider, a popular SUV or sedan for great style, known to also check the rating and efficiency requirements.

Get your date the gift they deserve! A car. But not any car. Learn how to know the difference between top and not so good cars!

So, once you have made the right decision, it’s time to plan the surprise of a lifetime! Visit your local DVG dealership and we can help make sure this process runs smoothly. This Valentine’s Day, get the ultimate gift, and choose from a wide range of the best cars, for your significant other. And if you can’t find the perfect car – let us find it, by briefing us on what you seek here – then we’ll find it for you! Leave the hard yards to us, and we’ll do the groundwork for you this Valentines, so you can live happily ever after. Buy a car from DVG – it could be the gift that keeps on giving. 

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