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Ready for some trade in car tips? Come and get the car you really deserve!

Christmas is the perfect time for a well-deserved upgrade! So, trade in your car for a new 2016 car, before the calendar flips over to 2017! And if you have never traded-in a car before, do not worry. Car News is here to walk you through every step of the process. Be ready to get great trade in car tips, as well as discovering the advantages of trading in.

Let’s start with the advantages of a trade in!

Fast & convenient

If you want to get a new 2016 car, or a great deal on a 2015 vehicle or later model before the end of the year, trading in at your local DVG dealership will make the process easier, faster, and more convenient! On the other side, private sales means you have to advertise your car, find and meet several buyers, and take care of the ownership swap of your car. The whole process may take several weeks. Avoid the hassle! Trade in your car with DVG! Get the best car you can imagine in return. It can happen in just a few days – in time for a Christmas road trip!

If you buy a new car, it reduces the price

If you are interested in buying a new car, like a new Toyota or a new Jeep for example, DVG will simply apply your trade in amount to your new vehicle. This means that your 2016 car is now cheaper. But it also means that because the price is lowered, you will pay less in sales tax. Trading in your car with DVG is a win-win situation, as getting into that new car may be closer than you think. So, take advantage of all the end of year deals currently on offer at DVG! Get them to sell your car, with this quick simple online quote process, and go on a shopping spree for a car this Christmas!

Shopping at the end of the year

With Christmas coming and the end of the year approaching, DVG is soon going to get its new inventory for 2017. This usually means for DVG and other dealership, that everyone is eager to unload the 2016 cars or 2015 vehicles, to make more space for the year to come! It is the perfect opportunity to shop for a 2016 model. Else, have you thought about a 2015 SUV, or a MX 5 Impreza 2015 to make the most of your summer? So, here is a good trade in car tip – make sure you stop by DVG! See what incredible deals you can get out of DVG’s new cars. From extended warranties to fixed price servicing, or even money back guarantees in some situations. This is the time to buy!

Here are a few car tips to help you pick the right car for you!

Trade in car tips

#1 How to fix up your car

Make sure your car looks like a top car! Where possible, repair any cosmetic damage that can lower its value. If you do not have the means to buff out every little scratch, it is not a deal breaker. But at least, make sure you give your car a good clean, or purchase touch-up paint to make minor scratches disappear. Approach DVG for a pre-sale service, and they can set you up with everything you need. Those simple repairs will increase your trade-in offer and get you closer to that new 2016 car that you’ve been eyeing off all year!

#2 Know the value of the car & the value of cars you want to buy

Maybe try our free online valuation here for some idea of your car’s value. DVG is a trustworthy dealership, but it does not hurt to know the value of your car, before heading into negotiations. Plus, review the price of the new 2016 car that you’ve got your heart set on here. One of the best trade in car tips is to know what you are in for. So do your research, compare cars to see which one you would most likely be able to afford, once you get your trade in. Or if it’s still out of reach, approach DVG for finance. Make an enquiry in advance, else try their finance calculator here to work out the figures, before you head in. You may be able to budget more than you realise!

#3 Trade with a dealership you trust

Lastly, make sure the new car that you get, is the best car for you! Choose the car you want, and go with your gut. Don’t be swayed by others opinions. You don’t want to regret not purchasing your dream car. Whether you are looking for the most reliable car, or the most fuel efficient, your DVG dealership is here to help. Knowing a dealership you trust is most important! It will ensure your peace of mind, and allow you to get the best car for your trade in dollar. Plus, once that relationship is developed, you have somewhere to service your vehicle – where you know people, for after sales care and accessories.

Trade in your car for a better one this Christmas!

This Christmas season, do not be afraid of trading in your car, thanks to these trade in car tips! Check out the demo Mitsubishi sale, and new Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Isuzu, SuzukiPeugeotFiat, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge promotions. Contact your local DVG dealership today, and get yourself the best Christmas present ever. You deserve it!


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