Car News: Summer Driving Tips & Signs for a Service

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Car News: do you know if your car needs a service?

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As summer settles in, make sure you and your car are fully prepped! Ensure your summer holiday road trip is a dream, rather than a nightmare.

High temperatures and busy summer roads can lead to poorly prepared vehicles. Don’t be left stranded, by the side of the road, in need of a tow – get a new set of wheels!

With greater risk of tyre failure as things heat up, avoid the chance of encountering a flat tyre during this busy season. So, before you get behind the wheel these summer holidays, buy a new spare with your next service, and check out this Car Buzz with all the latest Car News’ summer driving tips from DVG.

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Car News recommends servicing these car parts this summer!

  1. Tyres

For your car to remain one of the top cars, take care of your tyres! To know how often you should change your tyres, ask your DVG service specialist.

In the interim, keep a close eye on the condition of your tyres. Your tyres are the only contact you have with the road. If they are worn out, or under-inflated, your car is an accident waiting to happen.

Well-maintained tyres will not only keep you safe, but also improve vehicle handling. This will lead to enhanced fuel economy, and increased tyre life.

So, if you are not sure how to take care of your tyres, book a service with DVG. Good quality tyres that meet manufacturer and Australian standards are important. Therefore, get the genuine thing from DVG, and get on the road with confidence. For peace of mind, rely on DVG!

  1. Cooling

It is important to check your car’s cooling system and make sure your air con is gassed up, before taking on the roads these holidays. Whether it’s a weekend drive or a road trip, check your coolant levels, and get your car air conditioning serviced. Also, make sure that your fan is working.

There are a few signs that may raise alarms, so ask your DVG service specialist, or review our more in-depth blog article on this topic here. Avoid you and your car overheating, while stuck in traffic! If either are overheating with the AC on, then it’s time for inspection.

Ensure you get a professional such as DVG to check out your cooling system, if you think there is a problem. Make sure you are keeping up with your vehicle servicing, and check your log books, before you embark on adventures these holidays. Check out DVG service locations here.

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  1. Packing

Over-packing is easily done during a summer road trip. You want to make sure you are covered for all opportunities. But have you considered adding a roof, bike, surfboard or kayak rack to distribute the weight? Make things more spacious for your occupants these holidays!

And for the most reliable car on the road, try not to pack your entire house, as it will ultimately increase your fuel consumption! Avoid reducing your car’s ride and handling ability, and think about adding a tow bar – or even upgrading your ride, especially if your family is growing! With so many advancements in new cars, there are much more fuel efficient cars options available at great prices. Trading in your car can actually save you money on fuel consumption in the long run. Learn our trade-in tips here. Undertake a no obligation valuation request with DVG today!

So, before rubber meets the road, get the best car for your family’s needs! Make sure you have the optional extras that will make life easier for your family this summer! And when packing the car for your getaway, ensure you can can see clearly out of all your windows, for the safest drive!

Also consider climate and external factors!

  1. Glare and Heat

Whether your tint, wipers or windscreen need replacing – or just some TLC, via regular servicing. The maintenance of small elements on your vehicle can play a big part! Make sure your windscreen washer bottle is full, and that your wipers are in good condition. Don’t let glare cost you with avoidable accidents this summer! Ensure your car is serviced regularly and approach the team at DVG. Put in a service request today!

  1. Road Surface and Condition

Car News advises to pay attention to freshly sealed and older roads on your travels these holidays. When summer heat hits, the bitumen becomes warmer, and loosens the road surface, which can lead to window and paint chipping. Damage can be caused, when flicking up onto other cars, whilst making a mess of your undercarriage. The road surface also changes during summer storms, as roads become even more slippery. Therefore, stay cautious – and if you want to make sure your car is touched up (paint work and windows) – check out the DVG Service Specials. Get your car set for this summer!

  1. Share the road and don’t forget to take a break

Summer is a popular time for motorcyclists, and for road works! To make sure everyone stays safe, and to avoid having to buy a new car until you are ready, increase your following distance to four seconds or more when behind motorcycles and other vehicles. Ensure you have your brake pads checked during your next service. Or you may want to consider upgrading your car with one that offers reversing cameras and safety sensors that help assist you during the stressful holidays! Otherwise, keep in mind to constantly check your mirrors and blind spots for motorcyclists, pedestrians and other road users – so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

Remember, if you feel tired or have been driving for a long time without a rest, take a break for 20 minutes or so. Even a short nap can help get your head back in the game! And if you have kids in the car with you, make sure they get enough stops too, to avoid them becoming distractions as you drive – and never leave them or your pets in the car unattended, during the hot weather! Even the best car safety ratings and tinting cannot protect your beloved children and pets from the summer heat. When things get busy, keep your cool and don’t forget these important reminders from DVG! For further safety tips on the roads and maintaining a reliable car this holiday season, see our further blog article.

So take this Car News advice on-board. Make sure your car gets the care it needs before a long road trip. If you need a service, DVG has got your back – no matter if you live in Burswood, Maddington, Midland, Melville, Morley City, Wanneroo, or anywhere else around Perth! DVG is the place to go for new and used cars, servicing, genuine parts and after care!

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