Car News: Road Trip Checklist for Top Cars

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Only top cars following this checklist will be able to follow this road!

As summer heats up, there is no better time to take a road trip somewhere. Whether it is to go get some fresh air in the hills, or swim somewhere by the ocean. But be sure not to pass out from the heat on your way, with heatwaves on the horizon at this time of the year! Stay cool and in control as temperatures rise. Take a breath and make your way down this Car News’ checklist made for maintaining top cars!

Engine oil for top cars!

This easy step will save you from a bunch of problems later down the road. Check your oil levels. Remember to also look at the date you need to make a stop at the garage for an oil change. Has it been a while? Note things from your log books, as you prepare your yearly calendar. Make sure to undertake an oil check before you leave on your road trip. It only takes a few minutes, and if you are not sure how to change oil, book a service with DVG that will do it for you!

You may know how to change oil, but don’t forget about the transmission!

Checking your engine oil is a great start. However, don’t forget about your transmission, driveshaft and axles! If you are not sure how to change fluids and oils when it comes to other aspects of your vehicle, check your owner’s manual. Or, if you do not trust yourself, you know you can trust your local DVG dealership to do the job!

Don’t go just yet, check your hoses!

Every top car needs a checkup for their hoses once in a while. Because they are regularly exposed to very high temperatures, there is a chance of them cracking, where hot liquids can spurt out. This, as you can imagine, is not the ideal situation when you are trying to spend a relaxing holiday. Trust Car News – get a check-up now before it ruins your holidays! And if you really do not have time for a quick once over, at least buy a hose-patch kit at your local DVG dealership if you plan on driving long distances. These, coolant, a spare and jumper leads are handy additions to any car.

Take good care of your belts!

You can check your top car’s engine belts by turning them sideways to see how damaged they are. If they are torn, or cracked, it is time to get a replacement. Furthermore, if you are lucky to have a 2015 vehicle or a 2016 car, and your model is less than 80,000 kilometres, you are most likely fine. There are noises to look out for, and signs of issues if you’re unable to check your belts, so approach a DVG service specialist for more tips. For further hints, review our earlier blog article.

Stay cool with your engine coolant

Overheating during a hot summer drive wouldn’t really qualify your ride for the top cars category, would it? So, make sure your coolant reservoir is topped up with the same coolant type as what was already in the engine. And, if you are not one of the lucky 2016 car owners, but your top car is a bit older – make sure to check both the coolant reservoir and the radiator. If your coolant has a rusty colour, it’s time for a change! Else, maybe consider a trade-in?

Don't be blind with your top car and make sure to check your side mirrors before taking any risks

No pressure, except in your tyres!

Another easy step to take to make sure your road trip goes smoothly is to check your tyre pressure and spare (ie: that you have one and it’s in good condition). To know the perfect amount of pressure, check your manual. Always best to visit a service station to review your levels and pump your tyres before you head off. Low tyre pressure can result in less efficient fuel consumption. It could also cause your tyre to burst. So, except if you know how to change a tyre and want to impress your occupants, take this easy precaution for a better trip! And whilst you’re at it, consider installing a GPS if you don’t have one, or other handy optional extras like roof and rear racks that can make things more comfortable on your journey.

Be ready for a brake!

Check your brake reservoir and make sure it is full. Also, book a service through your DVG dealership for one of our professional to inspect your brake pads. A car with worn brake pads is not a safe car, and definitely not a top car. Put safety first! If your car is letting you down, consider upgrading with one of the great deals currently available from the DVG. Explore the range today, to see what’s out there, as new cars offer some impressive innovations.

Keep your battery charged!

This is not for 2016 cars or 2015 vehicles (unless you’ve left your lights on for lengthy periods) but rather, for cars that are a couple of years old. Check that the terminal does not have any corrosion and that your leads are tight. And listen to your car when it starts. If it sounds sluggish, it probably means you have to replace your battery! Book things in with your local DVG service centre to check how things are. The last things you want is to be stuck somewhere remote without reception. Plus, if you’re camping and running electronics off your car, you want a reliable battery.

Light up your life & check your mirrors!

Making sure all of your lights are working is a good idea, especially if you are going to drive at night. Keeping a couple of spare bulbs for long country trips may help prevent any future issues. With double demerits from Friday 23 December 2016 to Sunday 8 January 2017 inclusive in WA, you want to be cautious on the roads. Don’t get unnecessarily fined for your headlights or tail lights being out. And if you have a cracked or broken mirror, make sure to replace it before you leave for a safe trip! Give yourself the best vision, avoid accidents (don’t let anyone sneak up on you), and get the most reliable car by having all your mirrors in a good state. For after care of your vehicle through DVG enquire here. If it’s time to replace your vehicle, but you can’t afford a new ride, consider finance or a used car. There are some great bargains in the current market.

Take an emergency kit

Preparing yourself for all possibilities is always a smart idea. Pack an an emergency kit. Your top car should be topped off with a first aid motoring kit. Put together an essentials pack before travelling. A blanket, flashlight, first-aid kit, and basic tools can go a long way. You can then tackle anything, if your car lets you down, or the unexpected is encountered.  It is always good to bring some water and snacks, so your adventures do not turn into nightmares. It is recommended to have 4L of water per person as a minimum for outback trips. And if your car breaks down, make sure to check out if you are near a DVG dealership, so they can help get you back on the road!

Planning a road trip is great fun, but along with your hotel and the things you want to do, making sure your car is prepared is important. Going through this Car News checklist should help any top cars make it to their holiday destination. So, say goodbye to any worries and hello to some well-deserved relaxation!

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