Car News: Get the best Australian Cars for Long Weekend Trips

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Get one of the best Australian cars to drive around Perth from your local DVG dealership today!

The best Australian cars are the ones that are ready for any type of adventure – may it be family road trips, romantic getaways, or unplanned weekends away. Get ready to live on the road, or go from point A to point B, thanks to some day trip ideas from the Car News team. So, set your GPS, and don’t waste one minute getting lost.

Take advantage of the upcoming Easter long weekend in April, and start planning some day trips. Road test your current vehicle on some lengthy drives, to see what it’s made of, and get out in WA! Or, maybe even select a new vehicle, to go out exploring our great state in style! Enjoy the best Australian cars, in the best landscape, down under.

Test the best Australian cars outside Perth & its surrounds

Take advantage of long weekends to discover what’s around WA. If you have one of the most reliable cars in Australia, isn’t it time to go on a road trip? Take a drive from Perth and explore the natural beauty of the Perth hills, Peel region, or even the Goldfields.

Or, escape the urban heat along the coast! Make a stop at one of the many cool bars and restaurants along our top coastline. Drop in at Fremantle, Rockingham or Mandurah for a coffee and an ice cream on the way.

Not sure where to head? Don’t worry! Check out the RAC Trip Planner via – which will give you all the directions, and further ideas for itineraries that you’ll need. (Google it, after our great ideas ahead, to inspire you!) Then, all you have to worry about is how much fun you’re going to have… Once you have your car prepped of course!

Buy a car at your local DVG dealership & explore the Swan Valley, Margaret River or Albany

Why not relax during the Easter break and visit the chocolate makers in the Swan Valley or Margaret River region? After you buy a car, it’s time to enjoy it. So, take a drive down to the vineyards, and bask in the sun with a glass of wine around the Swan Valley or Margaret River.

And if you are feeling adventurous, head a little further out with a drive to Porongurup National Park, 4-5 hour’s drive south of Perth, near Albany. Hike to the Granite Skywalk for a climb! You’ll feel on top of the world with the amazing views, after the long drive down south.

Being one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hot spots, you’ll have plenty to see during your drive along the coast, when you’re further down south. Adventure farther than you ever have before, when you have all the comforts and safety of a new car, or off-road explorer. Hunt through the range on offer from DVG, and scout out a bargain!

Only the best used cars make it to Broome & the North West!

If you cant afford a new car, try one of the latest demo models or a near new 2015 or 2016 models from DVG. Get a reliable people mover, SUV or 4WD maybe, and travel up north instead, to discover what true wilderness is! This extraordinary landscape will leave you gobsmacked, with its contrasts and natural beauty.

But only the most reliable cars will make it to the end of the road in this untamed area. That’s why you need to get a car, or a service, beforehand from DVG. Feeling adventurous? Go and explore the gorge of Karijini National Park. 16-17 hour’s drive north of Perth. Or, if you want a history lesson, let your car lead the way to the oldest artworks on earth up that way! Go off the beaten track, on a road trip way up north to Broome and beyond, to better respect the heritage of this great southern land.

Only the best cars in Australia will reach the whitest sand!

Finally, test your car’s reliability ratings, & drive to Esperance

Feel the outback like never before, behind the wheel of one of the best new cars from DVG. Take advantage of a long weekend, to road test your new car, in a place where nature reveals its true colours. From the native wildflowers, to Australia’s whitest sands, let WA spoil you. Wanting a bit of adrenaline? Go for a four-wheel drive and revel in unique off-road or beach fishing adventures in the great south east. Try Esperance, around 7 hour’s drive from Perth.

Alternatively, if you just want to enjoy the drive in one of the best Australian cars, travel from Coolgardie through to Laverton, for a true outback experience. Whatever the choice, note the destination in your GPS, to make sure you don’t get lost on the way! And if your car doesn’t have built-in navigation – upgrade to one that has through DVG. Or, approach the DVG Aftercare and Accessories team to see if they can fit a GPS, or other genuine parts to your current ride, and improve it before you venture off. They’re local like you, and will know what you need for the WA terrain. 

Buying cars at DVG means you’ll be ready for any adventure, during the upcoming public holidays this year, whether you take them in the city or outback. So, come by and try one of the local DVG outlets for the best Australian used or new cars, before heading off. You’ll then be geared up, to discover what makes WA such a vast and extraordinary landscape!

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