Car News: New Year – Spoil Yourself, Buying a New Car

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Spoil yourself this new year by buying a new car!

What are your resolutions for this year? Luckily, it’s still early in the year, so there is still time to think about it. How about starting the year afresh? While on the topic, isn’t it time for buying a new car? After working hard all year long in 2016, there is no better time to spoil yourself with a great new addition to the family than in the new year. Here are Car News’ top 5 reasons why you should think about buying a new car for the new year in 2017!

Buying a new car means investing in reliability!

If you are looking for the most reliable cars in the market, nothing beats new cars for 2017. Whether it is a 2016 car, or any 2015 vehicle, the design and user experience will be improved from the previous models. New cars are built with you in mind, while making sure to improve your driver experience. Say hello to a built-in navigation system! Check out some of DVG’s new cars to see what great features await you!

If it breaks, there is the warranty!

For this year, go stress free! Even if something does not work, or breaks along the way, in most cases it should still be covered under warranty. This means it’s likely to be fixed at no cost. So no matter what, consider upgrading your not-so reliable existing car, and treat yourself to one of the most reliable cars (new or near new demos)! The validity of the warranty depends on the brand and on the dealership, but some current promos may even extend warranties to demos on selected models. So contact DVG today and feel free to ask about their new car warranties!

Get on the road & don’t take a chance on your safety!

With safety standard becoming stricter and tests more involved, it is no wonder why companies are investing so much in technology to make sure they score big on car safety ratings. It is not rare for new cars to score a 5-star rating from ANCAP. But don’t just trust Car News or our website listings! Check out the web to make sure the new car of your dream has the best car safety ratings, as things change rapidly! Like keeping up with the latest innovations. Even some car reviewers get it wrong. And if safety is your priority, make sure to check out the new Jeep Renegade or the new Toyota Corolla. Or, the latest additions to the ANCAP rating – like the Fiat 500x, that has recently been tested and received an ANCAP rating.

Warranty means buying a new car helps your savings in the long run!

When buying a new car, you save big on fuel!

Because regulations on average fuel consumption are becoming stricter (not to mention petrol costs and environmental concerns), companies are coming up with great way to make your new car more fuel efficient. New cars are often the most fuel efficient cars thanks to clever techniques, or you may want to consider a hybrid. Maybe book a test drive of the Honda Sport Hybrid to compare? Else, automatic engine stop/start systems or lightweight materials and aerodynamic designs are some of the inventive ways that mean many new cars are now becoming the most fuel efficient cars – whether hybrid or otherwise.

Technology – no need to say more!

The further the years roll in, the greater technology advances. Every year, car manufacturers are bound to introduce a few extra gadgets. Those are sure to amaze you and make you want to road test your car all day everyday! From Internet connectivity to voice-texting, and safety technology, it is no wonder you want to buy a new car! Therefore, the newer the car, the better technology it will have. You will even be able to notice the difference between 2016 cars and 2015 vehicles.

Nothing beats technology when buying a new car!

Tackle the new year with a bang, by buying a new car! Whatever you choose, it will be safe, reliable, and full of great technology! Whichever adventure you decide to go on, your new car will take you there safely and use less fuel! So, do the environment and yourself a favour, by buying a new car. Come by your local DVG dealership and road test one today! You will not regret it!



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