Car News: In Love With Your Car? Think it’s the Best Car in Australia? Celebrate Your Love of Cars this Valentines!

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So many reasons that makes your car the best car in Australia. Here are a few of ours!

What is it that makes your car the best car in Australia? This Valentines, celebrate the love of your car!

Your love for your car is unique, and together you can conquer any Aussie road, or back-road. Together, you go on adventures, and you take on the world. Your vehicle may’ve shared the happy moments with you? It could have helped you survive some stressful situations too? But why do you love your car so much? Here are Car News’ top 5 reasons to celebrate your love of cars, in the week where love is recognised. In this age, where love doesn’t discriminate, let’s analyse why some of us love our cars more than others!


The Lovers of DIY Improvements & Fixer-Uppers


Puzzle Solving to Ensure the Best Car in Australia

Being able to fix your car, is not only a useful skill to have, but it can also keep you entertained for hours. Some of us even make a living out of it! Finding out why your car is making a strange sound, for example, is part of solving the puzzle. DIY car lovers tinker with their vehicles, and enjoy good detective work. Is it linked to the corrosion of the ground cable? Could it be part of the reason why you’re running heavier on oil? You may love to solve these puzzles, if you enjoy fixer-uppers, when it comes to your vehicle of choice.

You might know how to change a tyre with your eyes closed, but to troubleshoot what is happening, is another thing. And who doesn’t love a good challenge? It’s not always an easy fix, and a minor issue can lead you to ask yourself millions of questions. Playing detective is not only entertaining, it’s also rewarding. But if you can’t figure the problem out, DVG is here to help. So, call your local DVG leadership if you need a hint (aka service), or that spare part!

Plus, while you are solving an issue on your car, you really get to know it. You start to recognise the smells, even the touch, to become the DIY expert, and eventually the car collector. You can potentially gather new or used vehicles as a hobby, and do them up in your spare time. Teach yourself how to really make your car your own. Customise it into what you’d call one of your top cars. This is how a passion is born. So, what a better way to keep the passion alive, than by solving car mysteries. It can even save you a bunch of money in the process, or make you a small fortune, if you’re investing in a collection. If you’re searching for that collector’s item, approach DVG here

Knowing how to fix your car makes you love it even more!


The Lovers of Exploration


Adventures Made Easy with Your Top Car by Your Side

Your car represents your independence. Thanks to your car, you can go wherever you wish. Exploring the back-roads are made possible, thanks to the best car in Australia – your car. So, take out a map, and find a secluded spot, or a road you’ve not explored yet. Your imagination is your only limit, with your car by your side. Get on the open road and forge a new path.

Your car also means more freedom. You do not have to rely on anyone else. You can do the things, or go to the places you want, without having to wait on anyone. At heart, you’re the adventurer, and you thrive off exploring new outback territories.

Need a break? Take a drive, and go to the nearest park for some quiet time. Hungry? Get in your car and drive to the best restaurant in town. When you buy your car, you’re buying yourself part of your freedom – so don’t hold back! Looking for your next ride? DVG’s got everything you may want. Used or new car – you will find your next vehicle (that represents your future adventures) in no time.


The Lovers of Thrills


Feel the Wind in Your Hair & the Increase in Your Pulse

Imagine an open road in the middle of the country. Now, imagine testing your acceleration at the maximum speed limit, on the open roads. See what your vehicle can really do, within the limits. Does that make you sweat or smile? If the later is the answer, you are the lover of thrills! You want a car that can give you speed, even if it’s only on the race track, at the next meet. You pride yourself in choice of vehicle. Image is everything.

So, having one of the top cars in Australia means that you not only enjoy driving, but you can appreciate the thrills of driving. You can feel the power of your car, and yet, how much control you still have. Getting to that red line (or crossing the white), and still feeling in control, is one of the best rushes you can experience. Dominating the road or local competitions are your domain.

On the other side, there’s also the more relaxing thrills. Those Sunday drives represent moments where you can just roll the windows down, feel the air, and enjoy the landscape. Relax and just soak in the moment. So, get in the best car in Australia from DVG, and go for drives around this beautiful country!

Go faster than the speed of sound with the best car in Australia!


The Lovers of Reminiscing


Memories Made

When you own a car for a long time, so many memories are made. You might have even named your car – like a member of the family. Maybe it’s an heirloom, that you aim to pass through generations? Which is the reason, why your car doesn’t only represent the best car in Australia, but maybe also be the best family car? It is a sanctuary, where you have spent time with your loved ones, with everyone on board. A car where so many laughs, screams, and wonderful adventures have taken place. Ask your friends, what their favourite car memories have been, in your treasured possession! Does this sound like you?


The Lovers of the Escape


A Meditation Method

Lastly, your car may be where you spend time with your family and loved ones, but secretly you see it as your opportunity for refuge. Your best family car, may also be the realm where you can escape for peace and quiet. A retreat where you can get away, and do whatever you want, even if just for an errand. Whether it is screaming out loud, about the problems you are experiencing at work, or jamming to your favourite songs – your car is a place, where you can just let it all out.


There are many more reasons, why you may be in love with your car, but this covers the main categories when it comes to personal use. Each car is unique and each experience you will have with your car will be different. So, in the month of February, celebrate the love you have for your car. Take it for a spin, else maybe spoil it, by getting a service or adding some optional extras to improve your ride? Potentially, get it valued to see what it’s worth, in the current market? No matter what, your car will always be the best car in Australia, in your eyes.

But if you’re not feeling the love for your car at the moment, then consider an upgrade. If you don’t feel that you fall into one of these categories, maybe you just need a new car, that puts the spark into your motoring – or drives your heart to accelerate? Get a car that ignites your day, and revs your emotions. Sell your vehicle through DVG today, and start the search to find a car that gets your motor running! DVG may be the key to a happier relationship, so get the most out of your driving experience.  

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