Car News: Not sure how to change oil? Book a service before those quick Labour Day getaways!

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Stop asking how to change oil and get your car serviced. And take advantage of 5 major benefits at the same time!

Western Australia’s Labour Day weekend is around the corner! The Monday March 6th public holiday is not far off, so is your car ready to go for your long weekend getaway in 2017? If you’re not sure how to change oil, or do basic repairs on your car, it may be worth servicing it. Don’t let the risk of a flat tyre, or problems with your engine, come between you and your holidays. So, what are the benefits of servicing your car regularly? Car News suggests the top 5 benefits of servicing your car prior to road trips – so book in early, before Labour Day.

Unsure how to change oil? It’s time for service – so put safety first!

Every year, well-maintained cars could help avoid thousands of accidents. Yes, some are still due to bad driving. But faulty brake systems and bad tyres, just to name a few, are also to blame. So, if you are not sure how to change tyres, and let them get overused, lack of tread could be putting your life on the line. Even if your car handles ok, it does not mean everything is working at it should, when it comes to stopping distance. Book a service today, so you can leave for Labour Day, with a peace of mind.

Reduce your risk of being stranded!

You think you’re safe after buying a new car from your local DVG dealership? You are – but you still need to look after it! Do that by keeping up your log book servicing regime for your new car. Never underestimate the importance of regular scheduled servicing, through the dealership where you purchase your new vehicle, so you’re assured of the correct manufacturer parts and genuine products are used within your brand new baby. Don’t overlook the services, especially before going on holidays. Respect the risks of not servicing your car via professionals. Avoid being stranded on the side of the road, asking yourself how to change oil, and waiting for hours for rescue if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Not be the perfect family Labour Day weekend you’d imagined. Regular services using the manufacturer specific products will ensure that will not happen to you. So, don’t pay for an unnecessary tow – keep the money for something a lot more fun – like a family night out for example!

Don't be left stranded, book a service today at DVG!

Looking to save some dollars after buying a new car? Keep it maintained!

By servicing your car often, you’re actually saving money in the long term. It will help to identify early issues, that would be expensive to fix later on. Replacing parts, such as oil and air filters, will also make your car more fuel efficient. And this is true for older makes, or those 2016 cars and 2015 vehicles. Looking for parts, for those older models? DVG is here to help!

Want your car to stay the best car for as long as possible… Service it!

By servicing your car when you should, it will also help improve its lifespan. Like everything in life, the better you treat it, the longer it will last. So, whether you want the best electric car, or the best compact SUV – make sure you service it on schedule for the best possible results. Try taking advantage of service specials to get your car in top shape!

Got a 2015 vehicle that you’re trying to trade-in or re-sell? Service it for higher value!

It can be hard to re-sell a second-hand vehicle, and get the money that it’s worth. Even if it is as new as a 2016 car, people like to bargain. However, if you follow Car News’ tips, and service your vehicle often, you’ll attract more potential buyers, or get a better price from a dealership who are savvy with these things. By being able to provide a full service history, it will create trust right away between the buyer and you. Plus, it will also allow you to re-sell your car at a higher price. Else, you may want to get a valuation from DVG or have them try to re-sell your car for you! 

Not sure how to maintain your car? Bring it to a specialist!

So, stop wondering how you change oil, or if your tyres will hold up for the Labour Day weekend, and get your car serviced. But don’t do it before long trips. Keep your vehicle maintained regularly. Even if you think you have the best car, it will not stay that way, without some TLC. So, check out DVG’s service locations and find one near you! Enjoy these five big benefits, and most important of all – put your family’s safety first!

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