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Come and compare cars to this one!

Compare cars this festive season with a dose of excitement, action and adrenaline. DVG is bringing you this Car News to suggest various Perth car events around WA. So, keep yourself and the family entertained this December! Compare cars and see how yours stacks up! And approach DVG if it’s time to upgrade! Which car will be the fastest this year? Furthermore, which classic ones will you not want to miss? And most importantly, which car should you think about getting this Christmas or for 2016? From the fastest to the most reliable cars, these events will satisfy everyone! So, come support WA car lovers, and enjoy the best December car events!

Cams Speed Event… Compare cars and their speed – 3rd of December

You will not want to miss out on the last Cams Speed Event of the year! This supersprint at the Barbagallo Short and Long Circuit will pump your adrenaline up on the 3rd of December. Come watch the fastest 2016 cars, and the fastest “older” cars, in this Cams Speed Event.  And for maximum enjoyment at minimal cost, you will find yourself saving for that new car you’ve been dreaming of in no time!

WA Nitro Slam… Summer’s off and racing – 3rd of December

Looking for a fun, family-friendly drag racing event? Here’s the right event for you! Go and enjoy the WA Nitro Slam event on the 3rd of December! Also, come and take your pick from Super Sedan to Comp Bike and Nitro Funny Car action. Car News guarantees that there will be something to watch for the entire family! So, come and enjoy two of the drag racing’s wildest creations and round three of the championship. And if you feel that your car is not comparing well, consider a trade-in at DVG! Try our free valuation today, to get into a new car tomorrow!

Day of the Volkswagen… An evolution of reliable cars  4th of December

If you are a fan of the Volkswagen brand or are considering getting one this Christmas, you will not want to miss this event. The Day of Volkswagen is the biggest WA Volkswagen show of the year. So, head to South Fremantle and come take a look at some of the classics. And it is a great opportunity to compare cars – take a look at some of the newest models, like 2016 cars, or some of the 2015 vehicles. You can get a great deal on these at DVG right now. So, if you have fallen in love with a model, check out if DVG can help you get your new or your used Volkswagen on the road!

Shannons Rally Sprint… Get Thursday night revved up – 8th of December

This is the perfect opportunity to end the year with a BANG! Whether you are planning to attend as a spectator or as a driver, check out our great DVG service specials, before you get on the road! Held on a Thursday night, you will have the whole weekend to reminisce how awesome the cars were. And, if the event convinces you to buy a new car, the weekend will be the perfect opportunity to stop by your DVG dealership.

Shannons Fast Racing Series… 2 in 1 – 16th of December

The best of racing is coming to Perth Motorplex, and it’s bringing you options to consider! Offering two different disciplines in one night. Take your pick of speedway or the drag strip. Or both! Finally, no matter what you choose, there will be plenty to see from classic, to junior sedans. So buy your ticket, and compare cars, from the best performing to the most impressive ones. And approach your DVG dealer with your wish list today, to see what deal they can offer you!

Night of Fire… Head into the action – 26th of December

Need a break from family over the school holidays? Sneak out to see the Night of Fire on the 26th of December for a hot evening! With Pieter De Wit, Chuck Haynes, Curt White, and a local driver, things are about to get wild! Watch with amazement at the pre-race fire show, and get your breath taken away with cars reaching over 400km/hr in just a few seconds! So, don’t try this at home, or you may need to buy a new car! Or, if your car is not giving you the performance you need, then get a tune up, or compare what the latest models can offer at DVG today.

As December begins, Car News is making sure you have enough to stay entertained and revved up until New Years. So, come and compare cars, or just enjoy test-driving a new car at DVG this summer. There are great demo and end of year sales to take advantage of! So, if all those cars have made you want to buy a new car, make sure to contact DVG for the new car of your dreams! Don’t miss the clearance events at DVG this Christmas! Maybe you should subscribe below, and follow DVG on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn?


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