Car News: Car Reliability Ratings can be Optimised via these Service Specials!

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Ensure a car has its best reliability ratings by checking cooling systems, fuel injection, air & wheel alignment


Your car’s reliability ratings are impacted by the successful operation of its cooling systems, fuel injection, air conditioning and wheel alignment. Ensure your vehicle operates to its optimal condition for maximum performance and driving experience. Not only does that enable greater trade-in or sale value when it comes time to upgrade, but it assures your family a safer ride in the interim.


Whether you have a new Honda, used Mini, or a new Impreza 2016, you should still think about booking a service before Easter road trips. Especially, if you want to keep your vehicle ratings and resale value up! Extend the lifetime you can expect from your car, as well as better protecting the lives of its occupants.


For instance, checking your cooling system is going to ensure you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road during your Easter holidays. Car News is here to make sure you understand the danger that a bad cooling system can pose to your car. However, what is a cooling system, and why should you service it? No matter whether you drive a 2016 Porsche Macan, or a family run about – you should put the same care and attention into your car. It’s not only your means of transportation, but it also protects you in the event of a collision.


What does a cooling system do?


After buying a car, when you drive, a lot of heat is produced by your engine. Only one third is actually used to drive your vehicle. So, what happens to the rest? One third of it is dissipated through the cooling system. The coolant, in turn, is cooled down by the radiator. When your cooling system works, your car’s reliability ratings should be higher, and its chances of breaking down lower.


There are 8 main elements that make up your coolant system. These are the: radiator, radiator cap, overflow or expansion bottle, radiator hoses and clamps, cooling fan, thermostat, water pump, water jackets, and welsh plugs.


You may be familiar with one of those components, and even know how to maintain it. However, if you want that new Impreza 2016 that you snapped up to last – it’s best to undertake specialised services, outside of your log book servicing schedule, to keep an eye on each of the areas outlined via professionals. Let’s explore the example of a cooling system to see why!


Ensure a car has its best reliability ratings by checking cooling systems, fuel injection, air & wheel alignment

Why is your cooling system important in keeping your vehicle’s reliability ratings up?


By circulating coolant through the engine, it reduces the engine’s temperature, which in turn, protects it from being damaged by the heat. If your cooling system is leaking, or does not function properly, it can lead to critical engine parts failure. If that happens, you can always count on DVG’s support to provide you with the right parts.


But the key to regular scheduled servicing, in manufacturer approved factory workshops, is to avoid that! As even worse than parts failure, the heat generated can cause complete engine failure. And that becomes costly!


So, if you want to make sure your Mazda cx 5 2015 review at your next service stays uneventful, then book a Standard Passenger Service through DVG for $159. Or, to keeps its high reliability ratings, when it comes to the Cooling System, book a Cooling System Service for $110. When booking this regular maintenance, the cooling system is pressure tested with a report. DVG checks coolant concentration in the system; power flushes the complete system; and replenishes it with coolant. They also check for leaks, and suspect hoses or fittings that may leak, and cause major damage to your vehicle. So, stop the problem, before it even becomes one!


Signs that you should probably book a service


If you feel like your vehicle runs hotter than usual, it may be a red flag. The same goes for a car whose temperature gradually increases while you drive it. Other signs include smelling an odour similar to maple syrup, or spotting a green or orange fluid under your vehicle.


However, don’t wait for the signs, as those mean you may already have to replace a part on your car. Instead, book a preventive service. It may cost you a small amount, but it will save you big in the future. And if your budget is tight, DVG is always offering other service deals on fuel injection, air conditioning service, and wheel alignment. There’s also commercial vehicle servicing, and DVG mobile servicing for those on the go! So, be on the lookout!


With DVG Mobile Service Units, you get the personalised service, at your convenience. The latest digital equipment provides a complete diagnosis of Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Holden, Suzuki Peugeot, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Skoda, Volkswagen, Great Wall and Isuzu UTE vehicles. All replacement parts are genuine factory products. They can provide a full report on all services carried out, and even vacuum your car ready to go.


Ensure a car has its best reliability ratings by checking cooling systems, fuel injection, air & wheel alignment

Optimise your reliability ratings – the benefits of getting a cooling system flush


When you book a service at your local DVG dealership, a mechanic will take a look at your coolant system. They’ll make sure that everything is on the right track. If not, they may perform a coolant flush, depending on the service you agree to. This simply means that a cleaner will be added to the cooling system to eliminate sediment or rust. The system is completely flushed and a new coolant will be added to protect against corrosion. You can pay extra for manufacturer specific coolant, to ensure your car’s reliability ratings will be even more improved.


So, whether a Toyota Camry review, Toyota 86 review, Suzuki Vitara review, or whatever your make or model – you’ll be ready to go on the road for trips this Easter – after the DVG service team have given your vehicle a good review! A small routine service can ensure your car goes a long way.

Try one of these further service specials from DVG!


After buying a car, don’t wait until your car breaks down to service it! Especially, if you’re going far for your Easter road trip, it may be worth getting your car serviced beforehand. Consider one of these options to best suit your needs: 


Fuel Injection Service – $150

Carry out fuel injection rail clean. This service removes varnish
and carbon build on injector tips and cleans the fuel rail system so
that full combustion is achieved, thus improving efficiency and fuel


Air Conditioning Service – $220

  • Carry out air conditioner health check
  • Carry out ozone bacteria treatment
  • Check air conditioner system operation
  • Re-gas system if required


Wheel Alignment – $110

State of the art computer wheel alignment equipment and
computer balancing checking front to back. That’s all four wheels
not just front! We also perform wheel balancing of all four wheels
including 4×4 vehicles.


So, book your service locally with DVG today, and be on your way to your well-deserved break in the near future! You invest money when purchasing your car, so be sure to keep up the investment with regular servicing from DVG.

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