Car News: Aircon Tips for the Most Reliable Cars

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Get some fresh air and travel with one of the most reliable cars!

With summer heating up, make sure your car stays one of the most reliable cars! Give it the TLC it deserves, as you run around on errands this holiday season. Avoid you and your car overheating! Car News has some tips to help you keep check on your car’s air conditioning system. Give it a service with DVG! Make sure you’re ready to keep cool in hot situations, during the stressful or busy lead up to Christmas!


Even the most reliable cars have warning signs when the aircon is in danger!

It’s not cool when it’s blowing warm air!

No matter whether you have the best car in the world, if it’s blowing warm air, it’s time to bring it in for a service. Even if you only take your car for short trips, it should not take long for your car to start cooling down. If you suspect something’s a miss, your car air conditioning may need a regas. So, make a quick stop at your local DVG dealership to get your car back to the status of one of the “most reliable cars”, with cool air flowing once again!

Sprung a leak?

A leak in your system can stop your air conditioner from working. And because it does not happen all of the sudden, it can be hard to notice or find the source of the leaking refrigerant in your engine bay. Don’t waste time with UV dye – let DVG investigate for you! If you feel a change in the air, such as slightly warmer air or air not blowing as hard, it is time for a service. If you suspect you may have this problem, book a service with DVG. We’ll have your car as reliable as a new 2016 car model in no time!

A blocked hose or filter issues can make you sweat!

If your car has a blocked hose, the water may not be making it at all to the air conditioner. Instead, it will start smelling funny and could create a little dampness in your interior carpets on the floor mats near your aircon vents. If so, your filter could be the problem. So watch out for wet carpets and if you are not sure how to check your hoses or filter, contact DVG for help!

Strange noises don’t happen to the most reliable cars!

When your car makes strange noises, it is probably trying to tell you that there is something going on. And yes, this can also be the case with brand new 2016 cars, still under warranty. So, Car News advises that if you hear compressor buzzing, belt squealing noises, knocking else clicking bolts, or any other high pitch tones from bearings, bring your car in to get your aircon components fixed!


DVG will service your car and give you great tips for a top car!

Services will depend on your car and the type of air conditioner it has. However, some common items are most likely to be checked such as the hoses and components, or the receiver drier/filter. Operating gas, leak tests, and a checkup of the drive belts and pulleys will also be in order. No matter what, we’ll get the best car in the world back to you in no time, when you book a service through DVG!


Make sure your air con works and keep your car one of the most reliable cars in Australia!

Now that we’ve serviced a top car into shape, it’s time to maintain it!

Turn off the aircon!

Now that your car is in top shape and ready to keep you cool on the hottest days of summer, it is time to take care of it. Start by turning off your aircon before turning off your car. Aside from acclimatising yourself to the outside temperature, before you hop out, it could also increase your car’s battery life. And best of all, it will be the most fuel efficient car it’s ever been, by trying this tactic! Embrace efficiency.

Keep the window cracked

Don’t let your aircon overwork itself. Keep the window or sunroof cracked when your car is parked, if your security system is sound enough. This will cut back the heat built-up. And it will help your car stay cool all summer long. Aside from installing window tint, these tips may ensure your car aircon system is conserved, and your vehicle stays one of the most reliable cars this summer!

Let your car air out first

It is hard not to turn on the aircon, as soon as you get in the car, especially when the car has been standing in the sun for a while. However, try to roll down the window first for a few minutes, while you read Car News maybe? A decrease of even just a few degrees, can considerably help your air conditioning system and lessen the strain.

Get your aircon running!

Running your air conditioning for at least ten minutes every week is a great way to keep it going during the hot summer months. This routine maintenance will ensure that there is no moisture and mildew build-up in your top car! Avoid any dank odours by keeping the air in your car fresh and circulated.


Give your car the best chance to stay one of the most reliable cars in Perth, through regular care and maintenance. Keep your cool this summer, and ensure yourself a better trade in price when you come to upgrade. Don’t wait until the warning signs show, but rather, take advantage of DVG great service specials! And once your car is back in business, make sure to apply a few of these tips, to keep it driving in peak condition all year long! Else, trade it in before there’s further issues, with a free valuation from DVG.

Enjoy the latest climate control features of current models, whilst the 2016 plate clearance is underway. Else, grab a demo, or check out our December promotions! If you miss that new car smell, it’s within reach, with the bargains available at DVG during December!


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