Welcome to DVG On-line! – Your portal into every Automotive service available from the DVG Automotive Group (DVG). DVG is a family owned company with 24 new and used car dealerships around 10 Locations in Perth, Western Australia. See here for a complete list of locations and dealerships that DVG operate.

A photograph of the 7 Di Virgilio brothers.

(L-R) Lou, Michael, Stephen, Robert, Dominic, John & David

In a unique company structure, 7 Divirgilio brothers own and operate the entire group of DVG dealerships. Since inception in 1996, the group has grown from 1 used car dealership employing 10 Western Australians, into 24 new and used car dealerships employing over 800 Western Australians. DVG has mutliple new car dealerships for brands Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Holden, Suzuki, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, PeugeotVolkswagen and Isuzu UTE and are always looking to acquire additional brands.

The DVG business somewhat resembles the family unit and has proven to transfer successfully into business across the group.

Lou Divirgilio, the eldest of the brothers / directors, is Managing Director of DVG and controls the group corporate. All other brothers hold Director and Dealer Principal positions at DVG Locations.

This structure gives customers the ability to speak directly to a Divirgilio family owner and peace of mind that a director with vested interest in the dealership is available to them. DVG customers receive unified attention and service they deserve across the entire group.

The DVG logo is testimony to this structure with each dot representing one of the 7 Divirgilio brothers / Directors.

DVG-Running With The Opportunities

Along the way, DVG’s success can be attributed to passing on benefits of greater choice and high customer service their group can provide. DVG provide a fresh and innovative alternative for the WA public to seek when needing anything Automotive.

DVG is proud to bring all products and services into the convenience of your own home or office through www.dvg.com.au.

With even more innovative online services still to come, the DVG Website is working towards becoming of Australia’s best Automotive websites.

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